Smart Lawn Care Choices

Grass-Blades-WaterDropsSOur area’s hot, dry summers often force us to include over-seeding as part of our routine fall lawn maintenance. Making smart choices on lawn care this fall can mean better results next summer.

First you should choose the proper seed mix which will provide the best chance of year-round success. Some types and varieties of grass are better for sun and some are better for shade. Don’t be afraid to use a combination of seed if you have both types of exposure. Aerating the lawn before seeding, will pull cores up from the soil and allow the seed to fall into the holes. It will also help de-thatch the lawn and keep the soil from getting compacted. Using a renovator will guarantee good seed-to-soil contact leading to a much higher percentage of germination.

Fertilize your newly seeded lawn with a starter fertilizer such as 10-20-10. Note that the second number is larger than the first. This number refreshes phosphorus and should be applied at a rate of 2 lb. per 1000 square feet. Fertilize your lawn again 30 days after the seed has germinated with a higher nitrogen fertilizer that will provide 1 lb. of nitrogen per 1000 square feet.

Irrigation is the single most important ingredient in lawn renovation and the most difficult to provide. The seedbed must remain moist. Multiple watering cycles might become necessary in a hot, dry September. Covering seeded areas with straw will help retain moisture. The seedbed moisture must be checked daily.

Your results will depend on how well you perform these fundamental steps. We can help you choose the correct Hillermann grass seed mix and all you need for fall lawn care in our Garden Center. If you’d like to save your spare time, we can provide quality fall lawn care services for you – contact our Landscape Division at 636-239-6729 for more information.

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