Tree Varieties to Consider

Cherry – Weeping Snow Fountains

This double grafted weeping cherry tree is a rare tree indeed. Weeping branches are covered with the showy, snow-white flowers of Snow Fountains and dramatically stand out against the distinctive paperbark cherry grafted trunk. A beautiful small yard tree. Excellent in Japanese gardens. A hardy addition to the landscape. Deciduous. Plant in fun sun. Slow grower 12 to 15 ft. tall, 15 to 20 ft. wide.




Hornbeam – European Pyramidal

An attractive, densely branched, columnar tree when young, aging into a stately, broad cone shape with handsome, fluted, gray bark. Offers yellow, orange and scarlet fall color. Plant in full sun. Heat and drought resistant. Grows to 35’ high and 25’ wide.




Magnolia – Sweet Bay

A handsome semi-evergreen tree with 2 to 3 in. creamy-white, lemon-scented flowers against a background of glossy green leaves. A lovely small patio, shade or specimen tree. Plant in partial sun. Moderate growing to 12 to 20 ft. tall and wide.



Japanese Maple – Bloodgood

A vigorous deciduous shrub/tree with small deeply cut, rich, deep red foliage in spring and summer. Holds color well in sun. Turns bronze-red in partial shade. Brilliant scarlet-red fall color. Blackish-red bark. Produces flowers in small cymes with purple sepals and whitish petals in spring. Plant in full sun to filtered sun. Grows 15’ to 20’ high and wide.




Sun Valley Maple tree leaves
Maple – Sun Valley

A strong-growing deciduous tree that is notable for brilliant, long-lasting scarlet fall foliage. A densely branched, seedless cultivar. Plant in full sun. Grows to 40’ high and 35’ wide.




Oak Trees – Red, Willow, Bur, Swamp White

Oak trees are a great choice for many reasons. They are slow growing, which makes their wood hard and sturdy. They make wonderful shade trees. They offer acorns and nuts, which makes them a benefit to wildlife and the environment. Most have yellow fall colors and hold their leaves longer in the fall. Plant in full sun. Grows 50-60” high and 40-50’ wide.





Redbud – Appalachian Red

A spectacular and hardy spring bloomer, with very showy red flowers held tightly on bare branches in early spring; somewhat coarse heart-shaped leaves; a top choice small ornamental tree for specimen use in the northern landscape. It grows at a medium rate, and under ideal conditions can be expected to live for 60 years or more. Plant in full sun to part shade. Grows to 25 feet high and wide.




Eastern Redbud – Clump Form

A beautiful garden tree valued for its profusion of rosy pink flowers that cloak the bare branches to bridge the gap between winter and spring! Heart-shaped foliage emerges as the blooms fade and turns yellow in autumn before dropping. A wonderful landscape specimen with a nicely rounded crown. Prefers a protected location. Plant in full sun. Hardy to -30°F. Grows 20-35 ft. high and 20-25 ft. wide.



Zelkova – Green Vase

Has the distinctive, broad, vase shape of the species but grows almost twice as fast. Upright columnar growth habit. Features include a wonderful scaffold of branches for a great winter silhouette, and medium-sized, dark green leaves that turn soft yellow, orange and russet in autumn. A fine tree for the urban landscape as it has a high tolerance for wind, pollution, drought and compacted soils. Plant in full sun. Grows to 50 ft. high and 40 ft. wide.