Birds, Insects & Wildlife

Birds, Insects & Wildlife Articles

All About Birds – Purple Martins
All About Birds – Spotlight on Cardinals
All About Birds: Getting Ready for Nesting Season
Attract Birds In Winter
Attracting Birds
Backyard Bird Secrets: Moving On
Backyard Birds – Water is the Simple Secret
Bagworms and Controlling Them
Bird Feeding is Wonderful Family Fun!
Bluebird Nest Box Monitoring
Cicada – Information and Control
Creating a Hummingbird Garden
Deer Resistant Plants
How Birds Survive the Winter
How to Build a Bee House
How to Make a Milk Jug Birdfeeder
Is Your Garden for the Birds?
Japanese Beetles and Controlling Them
Keep a Feeder Up for Migrating Hummingbirds
Kids Corner – 15 Minutes With Birds
Make Your Own Birdseed Cakes
Mason Bees – A Gardener’s Best Friend
Mosquito Repelling Plants
Nature of Nectar
Pine Sawflies
Prepare for “NEW” Pollinators
Save the Monarch
Spider Mites and Controlling Them
Squash Bugs and Controlling Them
Stink Bugs and Controlling Them
Ten Reasons Why People Fail to Attract Purple Martins
Tent Caterpillars and Controlling Them
The Life Cycle of Grub Worms (June and Japanese Beetles)
August: Time to Give Your Trees a Checkup!
Why Birds Sing
Why Every Backyard Counts
Wildlife and Washington Tap Water
Winter Bird Myths
Winter Bird Watching
Zika Virus Spread by Mosquitoes

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