Wildlife and Washington Tap Water

Garden hose end with water flowing outPlease take care when using Washington tap water for our wildlife.

Washington tap water is treated with chlorine. When using this in birdbaths or dog/cat water bowls, it should be fine. The chlorine will dissipate into fumes with the heat and the sun. However, if using this for our fragile Hummingbirds, I suggest that you boil the water for several minutes to rid the chlorine from your homemade sugar solution.

The largest concern we have been dealing with are water gardens in backyards. Sudden fish kills have been reported. When cleaning your gardens out for spring or topping them off with Washington water, you NEED TO add de-chlorinator to the water. This product is sold here at Hillermann’s and easy to use.


Don’t hesitate to call us if you have questions. Thanks, Sandi