Autumn is the Second Spring

The landscape around us is obviously winding down as the days grow cooler and the nights get longer. Mid to late fall is the best time of year to add plants in the landscape and to work in the garden. The reason is simple, fall weather. It is kind to human beings as well as to newly planted trees, shrubs and perennial plants. In fall, the soil still holds summer’s warmth, which encourages root growth up until the ground freezes. This gets perennials, shrubs, and trees off to a faster start for the following spring. Also, plants that are planted in fall don’t have to deal with heat and drought early in their young lives. By late next spring, when things begin to heat up, the plants roots will be ready for their job of absorbing and circulating nutrients and water.

The following is a list of notable plants for fall color that we would like to introduce to you. Visit us for help with your questions on these and other plants for your yard and gardens.


Butter Ball Hinoki Cypress – Bright, lemony yellow tips on tightly congested foliage give the small, globe-shaped Chamaecyparis obtusa ‘Butter Ball’ a fresh, cheery look. The vivid coloring contrasts beautifully with naturally darker inner foliage. A consistently rounded habit and very slow growth distinguish the Butter Ball Hinoki Cypress as superior to others. Prefers moist, well-drained soil. Plant in sun to part shade. Grows slowly to 2′ wide and high.



Chamaecyparis Gold Mop – A dwarf of Golden Threadleaf Falsecypress, this mounding cultivar has more intense yellow thread-like foliage in full sun. Offers year-round interest and is deer resistant. Plant in sun to part shade It grows 4 to 6 ft. high and wide.





Ninebark Little Devil – Features deep burgundy foliage throughout the season and small blush white flower clusters in early summer. It keeps its compact shape with little to no pruning. Great background or border shrub. Grows 3-4′ tall x 3-4′ wide.





Maple Autumn Blaze – This maple has a dense oval head ascending branching structure and a strong central leader. Deeply lobed foliage is rich green in summer and turns to an excellent orange -red color in fall. Grows 45-5-‘ tall x 35-40’ wide.





Viburnum Blue Muffin
– This compact beauty has loads of white spring flowers and an impressive display of rich blue berries in the fall. Use it as a hedge, foundation plant or on the edge of of a woodland setting. Grows 3-5′ tall x 3-4′ wide.




Euonymus Dwarf Burning Bush
– A compact deciduous shrub that forms a dense, twiggy, flat topped mound. Rich dark green foliage turns brilliant rose-red in fall. Excellent as a background, screen, or accent against darker evergreens. Grows 5-6′ tall x 6-8′ wide.




Holly Winter Red
– Gorgeous American native shrub for year around interest. A large, upright female plant bearing shiny dark green foliage. Small creamy white blooms in early summer mature to green berries that turn vivid red in fall with the help of the male pollinator Southern Gentleman. Berries will last until consumed by birds. Ideal natural hedge or back of border for seasonal interest. Grows 8′ tall x 8′ wide.




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