Attract Birds In Winter

Bird-ChickadeeAtFeederWAs winter rolls in, there are several ways you can prepare your yard to be an amazing stopping point for birds of all types.

FEEDERS – During winter, birds need high calorie food intake to keep their little bodies warm. Now is a great time to clean & sanitize your existing feeders, and grab some new ones. The more feeders, the more birds! Use several types of bird food to attract different species. Wild bird mix, black oil sunflower, nijer seeds and suet are favorite foods that will attract a wide variety of birds.

SHELTER – Birds will seek refuge from the winter wind wherever possible! They will huddle together in bird houses or roosting houses to escape the winter chill. Give the birds shelter that is closer to the food and water you provide by putting up several houses for them in your yard.

bird-cardinal_at_bath-sWATER – Birds need flowing (unfrozen) water throughout the winter months to drink and to continue upkeep on their feathers for insulation. Help them through winter with a heated birdbath. You can use heated birdbaths (with the heaters built into them) or put bird bath heaters into existing non-heated birdbaths to provide this important resource for the birds.

Our wildlife section has everything necessary to create, and maintain an appealing environment for birds throughout the cold winter months. We are happy to help you with your questions and offer tips.