Fall Lawn Care

Home with a nice lawnSummer may be ending, but don’t pack away your lawn equipment with your swimsuit, sunscreen and warm weather necessities. Follow these easy fall lawn care tips to ensure a healthier, greener lawn come spring.

Fertilize in September to establish more roots and give plants adequate food to prepare for the spring warm-up. This will also help the grass that is still growing and needs nutrients quickly.

After the last mowing of the year, use a winterizer or slow release fertilizer to keep the lawn well fed through winter and into spring.

Early fall seeding gives new grass a month or two of growing time before it goes dormant. Seed the lawn between mid August and mid October and water regularly so new grass doesn’t dry out.

Aerating can also improve the health of your lawn by giving roots more room to grow. Aerate in early fall while grass is still growing, so it has time to take advantage of the aerated soil before winter comes.

Choose a grass seed that matches your area’s climate and the level of sun or shade on your lawn. We offer Hillermann Grass Seed mixes that are specially blended for our region. Visit us for tips and advice on fall lawn care.

Keep mowing at a normal height until grass goes dormant. For the final mowing of the year, lower the mower’s cutting height to two inches, which will keep grass from being matted down by leaves and snow.

Clean up fallen leaves and lawn clippings so grass isn’t smothered. Shred leaves on the lawn, where they will decompose and add organic matter to the soil.

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