Houseplant Winter Care Tips

Tip 1: Increase the light
The sun sets earlier during winter. Ensure your plants get enough light by moving them closer to the window or providing supplemental lighting.

Tip 2: Mind the temperature
Any extreme change in temperature can seriously stress plants out. To avoid this, move away from open windows, heating units, and radiators.

Tip 3: Give them a rest
Plants can go into a state of semi-dormancy during winter due to shorter days and longer nights. This will impact how often you water them, as this is determined by the amount of sunlight received.

Tip 4: The winter blues happen
Your plants may lose more leaves than usual. Don’t fret – they do this to compensate for the lack of light, and in turn, the lack of food available in winter. It’s just adjusting to the season.

Tip 5:  Forgo Fertilizer
Your plant is doing everything at a much slower pace in the winter and won’t benefit from any added nutrients at this time. Give your plant a break. If they’re actively growing, or you have grow lights on, you can apply fertilizer at half strength.

Tip 6: Enjoy your plants!
Studies have shown indoor plants help combat SAD (Seasonal-Affective Disorder).