Hosta La Vista

Hostas are extremely popular, hardy herbaceous perennials grown primarily for their beautiful foliage. They are easy to grow, low maintenance, shade-loving plants. Leaves come in a wide range of shapes, colors, sizes and textures and may be solid in color or variegated in combinations of blue, green, white and gold. If you think you already have every variety hosta available, think again. There are more than 2500 different cultivars available. At Hillermann Nursery, we don’t carry all 2500 varieties, but here are a few of our choice selections.

Hosta-albomarginataUNDULATA ALBOMARGINATA– One of the first hostas to come in the spring. Medium green leaves with wavy, white margins and gray-green streaks shooting towards the center. Pale lavender flowers appear mid summer.

Full-part shade. Height- 18.” Width -40.”

Hosta-blaze-of-gloryBLAZE OF GLORY – Thick, lightly corrugated bright lemon gold leaves that have slightly wavy edges. Guaranteed to lighten up the shady garden. Near white flowers appear in July. Good slug resistance.

Full-part shade. Height – 18-20.” Width- 35-47.”


Hosta-EMPRESS-WUEMPRESS WU – The world’s largest hosta. Leaves are dark green and deeply veined with good substance. Leaves can reach 18” wide. Pale lavender flowers in mid summer. An outstanding focal point and conversation piece in your shade garden.

Full-part shade. Height- 48.” Width -72.”


Hosta-golden-tiaraGOLDEN TIARA – Small heart shaped, medium green leaves have wide chartreuse margins that become gold with a bit of sun. Compact grower that is excellent for edging. Light purple flower appear in mid summer.

Full-part shade. Height – 15.” Width –30.”

Hosta-guacamoleGUACAMOLE– Huge, glossy, apple green leaves are surrounded by streaked dark green margins. Leaf centers become brighter gold in summer when exposed to a bit of sun while the margins remain dark green. Pale lavender flowers appear in late summer.

Full-part shade. Height -22.” Width- 38.”

Hosta-hideoutHIDEOUT– Miniature hosta with wavy, lance shaped leaves have white centers with narrow green margins. Pale purple flowers appear mid-late July. Great when used as an edger.

Full-part shade. Height-6.” Width -14.”


Hosta-LEWIS-CLARKLEWIS & CLARK– No hosta garden along the Missouri River corridor can be complete without Lewis & Clark. 8”Narrow yellow leaves with wavy green margin. Pale purple flowers appear late July-early August.

Full-part shade. Height- 14.” Width- 40.”


Hosta-Mad-About-BlueMAD ABOUT BLUE– Intense blue-green leaves 6” long by 3 ½” wide with thick substance making them slug resistant, pale lavender flowers appear in July.

Full-part shade. Height -10-18.” Width- 39.”



Hosta-orange_marmaladeORANGE MARMALADE– A vigorous grower with sparkling bright golden-tangerine accents in spring that gradually lighten and mature to pure white by summers end. Pale lavender flower in mid summer.

Full-part shade. Height- 17.” Width- 32.”


Hosta-RainforestSunriseRAINFOREST SUNRISE– Hosta of the year 2013. Leaves are solid light green when they emerge, then quickly develop dramatic dark green margins with radiant gold centers. They are thick, glossy and are slug resistant.

Full-part shade. Height- 8.” Width- 16.”

Hosta-SUMMER-BREEZESUMMER BREEZE– A medium –large hosta with dark green leaves with wide irregular, chartreuse to yellow margins.  This hosta is sure to brighten your shade garden. Best in a bit of sun to bring out the beautiful coloring.

Full-part shade. Height- 22.” Width- 50.”


Hosta-Ulysses-S-GrantULYSSES S. GRANT– Semi upright vase shaped mound of thick blue-green leaves. Mature clumps feature wavy, heavily corrugated leaves that are up to 14” long by 11” wide that are slug resistant.

Full-part shade. Height- 26.” Width- 51.”


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